LPS Students of the Month - November 2009

Posted Friday, December 18, 2009

LPS Students of the Month

LPS Students of the Month are recognized for having outstanding attitudes and character in the classroom. This program is sponsored by DOMINO'S.

Front Row L-R: Zairial Gillis, Jonathan Lopez, Colin Love, Junior Ortiz

2nd Row L-R: Elijah Page, Amaria Smith, Jayden Thorpe, Matthew Villegas

3rd Row L-R: Ashtyn Braddy, Lizbet Chavez, Agustin Hernandez, Cenaida Mata, Tucker Moxley

4th Row L-R: Brooke Music, Nick Proman, Saul Rios, Makenzie Sager, Gray Stephens

5th Row L-R: Miriham DeBlas, Cecilia Hernandez, Anastazia McKinney, Maura Moore

6th Row L-R: Kevin Perez, Ebony Phillips, Martin Santana, Logan Strickland, Rayni Swain

Not Pictured: Becky Dominguez