LPS Parent Teacher Organization

PTO Officers 2014-2015

President - Tara Taylor

Vice-President - Ronnie Bellflower

Secretary - Jennifer Clark

Treasurer - Martha Jones

Parent - Teacher Organization Bylaws

Article I: Name

The name of this organization is the Lyons Primary School Parent Teacher Organization.

Article II: Objectives

The purpose of this organization will be to encourage parental support in all aspects of the school. We will promote cooperation and understanding between our school and our community. We will assist the staff in providing for educational and/or recreational needs of the children. We will strive to promote the general welfare of all the children attending Lyons Primary School.

Article III: Membership and Dues

Section 1 - Membership in the PTO is open to all parents and legal guardians of students attending and all teachers and staff employed by Lyons Primary School.

Section 2 - No dues are required to participate in the Lyons Primary School PTO.

Article IV: Officers

Section 1 - The LPS PTO Board will be made up of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers have the following duties:

  1. President: The President shall preside at meetings, work cooperatively with the school administration, teachers, and board members, be an ex-officio member of all committees, coordinate activities with the PTO's from the other city schools, attend all Board and PTO meetings when possible, and help to provide communication between parents, teachers, administration, and students.
  2. Vice-President: The Vice-President shall act as President during such times that he or she is unable to fulfill his or her duties, attend all Board and PTO meetings when possible, and participate fully in all Board activities.
  3. Secretary: The Secretary will keep accurate minutes of LPS PTO Board and general meetings and distribute such minutes to all Board members in a timely manner, provide attendance registers at appropriate occasions, provide a condensed version of the minutes for the staff and administration, attend to all correspondence, and attend all Board and PTO meetings when possible.
  4. Treasurer: The Treasurer will be responsible for the timely receipt and deposit of all funds for the organization and disburse funds as directed, keep accurate records of income, receipts, and disbursements, give financial reports at LPS PTO Board meetings and general meetings and as needed, provide a year-end summary of activity to the Board, be responsible for the attendance awards, and attend all Board and PTO meetings when possible.
  5. Grade Representatives: Grade Representatives, a maximum of two per grade will be chosen from the "class parent volunteers", they will establish and maintain contact with all teachers and "class parents" in the designated grade, maintain accurate and updated records of volunteers in the designated grade, attend all Board and PTO meetings when possible, and serve as a contact between the PTO Board and volunteers.
  6. Class Parents: are volunteers from each homeroom who are responsible for contacting parents for various school projects, festivals, parties, etc., they will establish and maintain contact with the homeroom teacher and grade representative.
  7. Fall Festival Coordinator(s): Fall Festival Coordinators are volunteers who will organize all aspects of the Fall Festival, work with Grade Representatives in getting volunteers, check on and order supplies and prizes, attend all Board and PTO meetings when possible, and arrange for publicity for the Festival

Section 2 - Nominations and Elections

  1. Nominations for officers will be accepted from the floor at the April general meeting.
  2. Elections will take place in the May general meeting, and shall be by majority vote.
  3. Nominations from the floor require either the presence of the nominee at the meeting or written acceptance of a nomination.
  4. All members of the LPS PTO are eligible for elective office, with the following exceptions:
    1. Parents or legal guardians of the rising Pre - Kindergarten children are also eligible for election to office for the coming year.
  5. Newly elected officers shall assume their duties at the end of the academic year. A term of office is for one year. An officer can be re-elected to the same position at the end of their term.

Article V: Meetings

The officers and school administration shall determine dates, times and agendas of the PTO and PTO Board meetings. Board meetings will be held monthly, with the exception of the summer months or those times approved by a majority of the board. A board meeting quorum shall consist of over 1/2 of current board members. All board meetings are to be open to any and all PTO members who wish to attend. General PTO meetings will be held as indicated in the school calendar, with the exception of the summer months or those times recommended by the board and/or school administration.

Article VI: Policies

The LPS PTO will:

  1. As a unified body, not endorse any candidate or take any political stand
  2. Be non-sectarian and non-partisan
  3. Through actions and communications, seek to improve understanding and cooperation between the home and the school.
  4. Avoid interference with the administrative functions of the school.
  5. Utilize any funds raised by the PTO for necessary organization expenditures and for approved materials, equipment and/or services for the school.

Article VII: Bylaws

Section 1 - After approval by the membership, the bylaws will remain in force unless changed or amended by votes of the membership.

Section 2 - The procedure of amending the Bylaws shall be as follows:

  1. Suggested amendments will be presented to the members for discussion and consideration
  2. Amending the bylaws requires a majority vote of members present at a meeting called for that purpose.

Article VIII: Method of Financial Support

Section 1 - The PTO shall raise funds by donation, solicitation, and special projects as voted on by the Board and approved by the membership.

Section 2 - Should the PTO disband, all monies in the PTO accounts would be held in escrow in the PTO checking account for a period of up to two years from the last PTO meeting. If two years lapse with no PTO activity, the balance of the PTO monies would then be turned over to the Toombs County School Superintendent to be used for Lyons Primary School as recommended by the Lyons Primary School administration and approved by the superintendent.

Article IX: Parliamentary Authority

Robert's Rules of Order shall govern this Organization's meetings and its conduct where applicable and not in conflict with these bylaws. Strict formality in the conduct of meetings in not required.

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