Toombs County High School Student Handbook


  1. Our Beliefs
  2. Our Mission
  3. Our Motto
  4. Civil Rights Compliance
  5. Prohibiting Discrimination in Education
  6. Academics
    1. Homework
    2. Grading System
    3. Home School Policy
    4. Diploma Types
    5. Diploma Seals/Programs of Study
    6. Carnegie Units
    7. Individual Advisement
    8. Course Selection
  7. Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities
    1. Interscholastic Sports and Activities
    2. Clubs and Activities
    3. School-Sponsored Trips
  8. Attendance Policies
    1. Attendance Statement
    2. Required Attendance
    3. Excused Absences
    4. Pre-Arranged Absence
    5. Consequences for Poor Attendance
    6. Procedures to Follow After Returning to School
    7. Hospital Homebound
  9. Awards
    1. Perfect Attendance
    2. Governor's Honors Program
    3. Honor Graduates
    4. Honor Roll
    5. HOPE Scholarship
    6. STAR Student and Teacher Program
  10. Dress Code
    1. Tops
    2. Bottoms
    3. Sweat Suits/Wind Suits
    4. Headgear
    5. Shoes
    6. Jewelry/Accessories
    7. Hair
    8. Seasonal Wear
    9. General Guidelines for Students
    10. Procedures to Address Dress Code Violations
  11. Student Code of Conduct
    1. Policy Statement
    2. Disciplinary Options
    3. Placement Review Committee
  12. Student Rules and Regulations
    1. Gang Activity
    2. Fighting, Violence, Intimidating, Harassing, Bullying
    3. Bullying
    4. Sexual Offenses
    5. School Disturbances
    6. Refusal to Comply with the Reasonable Request of a Teacher or Administrator
    7. Consequences for Violation Rules 1-6
    8. Weapons
    9. Physical or Verbal Assault and/or Battery on a Faculty or Staff Member
    10. Drugs
      1. Narcotics, Alcoholic Beverages and Stimulant Drugs
      2. Medical Prescriptions
    11. Vulgar Language and/or Pornography
      1. Language Directed Toward Faculty or Staff Members
      2. Language Directed Toward Students
      3. Print Materials, Drawings, Etc.
    12. Activating a Fire Alarm or Fire Extinguisher or Calling 911 Under False Pretenses
    13. Property
    14. Extortion and Theft
    15. Tobacco
    16. Leaving Campus Without Permission
    17. Verbal Fights and Instigation
    18. Cheating
    19. Laser Beams
    20. Skipping Class
    21. Public Display of Affection
    22. Food, Drinks and Chewing Gum
    23. Refusal to Do Classwork
    24. Classroom Disturbances
    25. Hall Passes
    26. Lunchroom Procedures
    27. Truancy
    28. Forging Notes and Report Cards
    29. Tardiness
    30. Consequences for Violating Rules 18-28
    31. Electronic Devices
    32. Cell Phones
  13. Other Regulations
    1. Motor Vehicles
    2. Drivers' Licenses and School Attendance
    3. Application of State and Federal Laws
    4. Lunchroom Conduct
    5. Check-In Policy
    6. Check-Out Policy
    7. Lockers
  14. Student Rules of Conduct on Buses
  15. Alcohol and Drugs/Drug-Free School
  16. Student Services
    1. Announcements
    2. Assemblies
    3. Change of Address
    4. Class Rings
    5. Errands
    6. Fire Drills and Tornado Alert
    7. Fund Raisers
    8. Graduation Exercises
    9. Graduation Ushers
    10. Guidance and Counseling Services
    11. Health and Immunization Records
    12. Lost Books
    13. Media Center
    14. Messages and Flowers
    15. Notice of Directory Information
    16. No Child Left Behind Parent Notification
    17. Record Requests
    18. Restrooms
    19. School Insurance
    20. School Nutrition and Snacks (Wellness Policy)
    21. Summer School and Afternoon School
    22. Title IX
    23. Tuition
    24. Visitors
    25. Withdrawal from School
  17. Student Responsibilities
    1. Care of Property
    2. Hallway Rules
    3. Personal Property
    4. Textbooks, Library Books, and Financial Obligations
  18. Parent's Right to Know
  19. Acceptable Use and Internet Safety Policy
  20. Pediculus Capitis (Head Lice Policy)
  21. Extra- and Co-Curricular Activities

Our Beliefs:

  • Student learning is the chief priority of our school.
  • Each student's academic achievement is a shared responsibility of the student, home, school, and community.
  • Students are lifelong learners.
  • High-quality education is imperative to the student being a productive, valued member in his or her community and workplace.
  • Students learn in different ways and should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to support their learning.
  • Student access to a variety of resources is vital to their post-secondary achievement.
  • The school and community must work toward continuous improvement to help students to become productive citizens.
  • Students must have a safe and orderly learning environment.
  • There must be high expectations for student learning and achievement.

Our Mission:

We teach students to become successful citizens competing in a global market.

Our Motto:

"Imagine, Believe, Achieve"


Toombs County High School is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against otherwise qualified persons on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin including limited English proficiency, sex, age, or handicap in its recruitment, admission, employment, facility, and program accessibility or services in accordance with Title VI, Title IX, and Section 504 of the law.

Toombs County BOE has adopted policy GAA that addresses guidelines to ensure equal employment practices are practiced. Coordinators have been appointed by the superintendent to meet the guidelines of this policy. They are as follows:

Title VI Coordinator:
Dr. Kendall Brantley - Phone: 912-526-3141
Title IX Coordinators:
Dr. Kendall Brantley - Phone: 912-526-3141
Kevin Hill - Phone: 912-526-6068
Section 504 Coordinator:
Carmen Roberts - Phone 912-526-3141


Toombs County High School, tiene la oportunidad de trabajo y no descrimina o desclasifica a personas segun la cara, color, religion, nacionalidad, ingles limitado, sexo, edad o incapacidad alguna, para reclutar, admitir, emplear, facilidad y programas accesible o servicios en acordancia con Title VI, Title IX, y Seccion 504 en la Ley. El departmento de Educacion de Toombs County , a adoptado la polisa GAA que refiere elegido para asegurar que esta polisa sea cumplida. Las cuals son:

Title VI Coordinator:
Dr. Kendall Brantley - Phone: 912-526-3141
Title IX Coordinators:
Dr. Kendall Brantley - Phone: 912-526-3141
Kevin Hill - Phone: 912-526-6068
Section 504 Coordinator:
Carmen Roberts - Phone 912-526-3141

If you would like someone to translate the handbook for you, please contact the school.


The following procedure should be used by students, parents of students or employees in the resolution of grievances.

Step 1: Any grievance concerning possible discrimination should be presented to the superintendent in writing. An answer, in writing, will be presented to the aggrieved party within ten (10) working or school days.
Step 2: If satisfaction is not received by the aggrieved party, he/she may, within five (5) working or school days, appeal in writing to the superintendent of schools. The superintendent will answer the appeal in writing within ten (10) working or school days.
Step 3: If satisfaction is then not received by the aggrieved party, the next step in the process is through written appeal, within a five (5) day period, to the Board of Education. Written reply will then be forthcoming from the regularly scheduled board meeting at which the grievance is heard.
Step 4: The last step of the procedure would be written appeal to the State Board of Education requesting a hearing.


    • Homework is school work of any type completed outside of the regular classroom that is directly related to the course.
    • Homework provides an opportunity for the student to improve study skills, to assume responsibility and to follow instructions.
    • It is the responsibility of the student to keep up with classroom and homework assignments when absent from school.
    • Each nine-weeks average will be determined by grades derived from a combination of activities including: class participation; homework; notebooks; quizzes; and tests. The weight of each item will be determined by the individual teacher.
    • Numerical grades will be used on report cards and permanent records.
    • The GPA equivalent values are as follows:
      • 4-A 100-90
      • 3-B 89-80
      • 2-C 79-70
      • 0-F Below 70
    • Each nine weeks, report cards are issued during a special advisement period to every student.
    • Parents of students who are failing courses will be notified at mid nine-weeks by the teacher of the class in which the student is failing. Notification will be by progress report in the agenda, printed progress reports or phone calls.
    • Parents of students who are failing two or more classes will be requested to attend a parent-teacher conference, and the students will be placed on Student Support.
    • TCHS operates on the semester system, and each semester is independent as to attendance, grades, and credits. The two nine weeks grades grade will be averaged together to determine the semester average. In courses where the End of Course Test is required, the testing grade will be factored in the semester in which the test is taken.
    • For transfer students, a numerical (65, 85, etc.) grade is counted per semester. A letter grade (A,B, etc) is converted to a numerical grade using the grading scale shown on the transfer records. If no grading scale is shown, the Toombs County grading scale is to be used applying the median value.
    • Credits needed for promotion: 10th=4 units, 11th=10 units, 12th=16 units, Graduation=22 units CP/TC or 24 units CP+/TC+
    • When a student enrolls at Toombs County High School from home school, he/she will be placed on a probationary status in the next level courses following the sequence of courses taken in home school. If the student does not show satisfactory progress (passing grades) in a course, the student's home school credits will be challenged by an end of courses exam for the particular course in which deficiencies are noted. For example, if the student's transcript shows a home school grade in Algebra I of A, the student will be enrolled as a probationary student in Algebra II. If the student does not have at least a "70" average by the end of the first nine weeks, the student will then be required to take an end of course exam developed by high school faculty for Algebra I. If the student does not pass the Algebra I test, he will be denied his home school credit for Algebra I and will be required to repeat the Algebra I course at Toombs County High School.
    • A diploma is a document awarded to students at the completion of the high school experience. Diploma types offered at Toombs County High School are:
    • High School Diploma - the document with appropriate seal(s) awarded to students certifying that they have satisfied attendance requirements, Carnegie unit requirements and the state assessment requirements as referenced in rule 160-3-1-.07 Testing Programs-Student Assessment. When a student has satisfied the educational requirements for the Technology/Career-prep or Technology/Career-prep with Distinction and/or College Preparatory and/or College Preparatory with Distinction Program(s), the high school diploma with appropriate seal(s) will be issued.
    • Special Education Diploma - the document awarded to students with disabilities assigned to a special education program who have not met the state assessment requirements as referenced in rule 160-3-1-.07 Testing Programs-Student Assessment or who have not completed all of the requirements for a high school diploma but who have nevertheless completed their Individual Education Programs (IEP).
    • A diploma seal is an attachment placed on a high school diploma indicating successful completion of one of more programs of study. Diploma programs and seal offered at Toombs County High School are:
    • College Preparatory (CP) Program - a program of study requiring 22 Carnegie units as specified by the State Board of Education. Completion of this program is signified by a High School Diploma with College Preparatory Seal.
    • College Preparatory with Distinction (CP+) Program - a program of study requiring 24 Carnegie units and a grade point average in the Core Courses of 3.0 or above on a four point scale, or 80 numeric grade point average or above as specified by the State Board of Education. Completion of this program is signified by a High School Diploma with a College Preparatory Seal of Distinction.
    • Technology Career-prep (TC) Program - a program of study requiring 22 Carnegie units as specified by the Georgia Board of Education. Completion of this program is signified by a High School Diploma with Technology/Career-prep Seal.
    • Technology/Career-prep with Distinction (TC+) Program - a program of study requiring 24 Carnegie units and a grade point average in the Core Courses of 3.0 or above on a four point scale, or 80 numeric grade point average or above as specified by the Georgia Department of Education. Completion of this program is signified by a High School Diploma with a Technology/Career-preparatory Seal of Distinction.
    • Advanced Program - a program of study requiring 24 Carnegie units as specified by the Toombs County Board of Education. 22 of the Carnegie units would come from the CP Program of Study and the additional two units from a local requirement of one additional science and one additional social studies unit.
    • A Carnegie unit is one unit of credit awarded for 150 clock hours of instruction. The five programs of study at Toombs County High School require the following Carnegie units in each subject area:
      CORE AREAS OF STUDY College Prep College Prep with Distinction Advanced Tech/Career Tech/Career with Distinction
      English/Language Arts 4 4 4 4 4
      Mathematics 4 4 4 3 3
      Science 3 3 4 3 3
      Social Studies 3 3 4 3 3
      Health and Physical Education 1 1 1 1 1
      Computer Technology and/or Fine Arts and/or Technology/Career Prep and/or Foreign Language 1 1 1 1 1
      Foreign Language 2 2 2 0 0
      Technology/Career Prep units (From core Technology/Career Prep Courses 0 0   4 4
      Locally-required or elective 4 4 4 3 4
      State Electives (from core courses English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and/or Foreign Language 0 2 0 0 1
      TOTAL UNITS MINIMUM 22 24 24 22 24
      CORE AREAS OF STUDY College Prep College Prep with Distinction Advanced Tech/Career Tech/Career with Distinction
      English/Language Arts 4 4 4 4 4
      Mathematics 4 4 4 3 3
      Science 3 3 4 3 3
      Social Studies 3.5 3.5 4.5 3.5 3.5
      Health and Physical Education 1 1 1 1 1
      Computer Technology and/or Fine Arts and/or Technology/Career Prep and/or Foreign Language 1 1 1 1 1
      Foreign Language 2 2 2 0 0
      Technology/Career Prep units (From core Technology/Career Prep Courses 0 0   4 4
      Locally-required or elective 3.5 3.5 3.5 2.5 3.5
      State Electives (from core courses English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and/or Foreign Language 0 2 0 0 1
      TOTAL UNITS MINIMUM 22 24 24 22 24
      All students entering ninth grade for the first time during the 2004-2005 school term will be required to complete 3.5 units of Social Studies. A Geography course has been added by the Toombs County Board of Educations as a requirement for all ninth grade students entering from 2004-2005 on.
    • Each Toombs County High school student is assigned an academic advisor. Selection of courses, career choices, parent contact, and personal development are the four main areas of the advisor's role. Specific meetings between advisors and students will be scheduled each semester, but students should feel free to see their advisors at any time. Advisors maintain an advisory folder which contains the courses completed by each student, graduation requirements and other related information covered during conferences with each student.
    • Advisors and teachers will advise students in the selection of courses and encourage students to take courses which are in keeping with their abilities. The final choice of course selection is that of the students and parents. The advisor may act as advisor only. The only restriction on the selection of a course would be where prerequisites are required. In adhering to the above boldly typed policy statement, students who are capable of functioning in a regular course cannot "take the easy way out" by selecting courses beneath their ability level. However, a student may choose to take a course which is considered a "higher level" than the one recommended. Parents are to be informed, and this can only be evidenced by parent signature. When forms are sent home to be signed and the forms are not returned signed by the parent, a notation will be made on the school record as to when the forms were sent home.
      It is the responsibility of the student to select the courses he/she needs. A student cannot repeat a course for which he/she has already taken and received Carnegie units. If a student is discovered to have been placed in a duplicated course, the situation will be handled in the following manner:
      • If the school is at fault, the student will be taken out of that course and placed in another. He/she will be given ample time to make up work he/she has missed.
      • If a student is at fault, he/she will be taken out of the course and placed in another. The school is under no obligation to help him/her with make-up work.


    • Toombs County High School offers a wide range of activities to all students. Participation in these activities on an interscholastic level is governed by rules of the Georgia High School Association. These GHSA rules state that a student is eligible to represent his or her school when he/she:
      1. Is a registered student carrying at least five or more subjects.
      2. Has passed five subjects the previous grading period.
      3. Is not playing for a non-school team at the same time.
      4. Will not be 19 prior to May 1 of preceding the year of participation.
      5. Is not a migrant pupil of less than 4 years standing (a migrant pupil is a student who changes a high school without his or her parents having moved to the new school service area.)
      6. Has had a physical examination.
      7. Has not participated in an unauthorized game or contest, nor signed a professional contract.
      8. Be "On Track." Students must be "on track" according to the following criteria:
        1. First year students entering 9th grade are automatically eligible for participation for the first semester. To remain eligible, 9th graders must pass at least five courses taken during the first semester.
        2. Second year students must have accumulated four units in the first year and passed at least five courses in the previous semester.
        3. Third year students must have accumulated ten units in the first and second years and passed at least five courses in the previous semester.
        4. Fourth year students must have accumulated sixteen units in the first, second, and third years and passed at least five courses in the previous semester.
    • Students participating in any extracurricular activities must be in attendance for at least one-half (1/2) the school say (three periods) to be eligible for participation in practice or competition. Students should arrive on campus at or before 11:30 a.m. Exceptions to this rule may be made due to extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student as determined by the administration. Any student participating in athletics must take out school insurance or be covered by personal family insurance. Toombs County High School no longer provides athletic insurance coverage. Cost options for school insurance will be provided during the first week of school, and IT WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE ATHLETE'S FAMILY TO EXECUTE THE PURCHASE OF THIS COVERAGE.
    • Students are eligible to participate in athletics for four consecutive years from their original date of entry into the ninth grade, if they remain on track and remain in good behavioral standing.
    • Clubs and extra-curricular activities are parts of the total school program and regulated by the rules and regulations of the school. Clubs exist to serve and promote the student body and the school in a positive manner, but should in no way interrupt or interfere with the primary function of the school, which is the academic education of the students. Students are encouraged to select one or two clubs and participate actively in them. However, activities cannot be allowed to interfere with academics. In order to belong to a club, the student must be passing at least 83% of all subjects taken during the regular 6 hour school day; e.g., a student must pass at least (5) subjects that are scheduled for a minimum 55 minute class period exclusive of school lunches, recesses, etc. Extended school day classes that are approved for academic credit may be used to help students regain eligibility for extra-curricular activities; e.g., just as summer school classes are considered as an extension of the spring semester. For determining the eligibility, an extended school day class that is passed may be substituted for a class (subject) that is failed during the regular school day.
    • School-sponsored trips are considered as extensions of the school program and are subject to all rules and regulations of the regular school day. Students representing our school in any way have an extra responsibility to their school, their parents, and to themselves. Any student who demonstrates that he/she cannot accept this responsibility is prohibited from representing the school in such functions for the remainder of the school term.


    • Toombs County Board Policy Requirement: The Toombs County Board of Education realizes the importance of the interaction that takes place in the learning environment between the teacher and the student(s). That interaction is critical to the instructional process and will be reinforced through the system attendance policy. A full 90 days of class attendance per semester will enhance every student's learning potential and will contribute to the student's success in meeting rigorous curriculum objectives that are offered each school day. The Board understands that some absences are inevitable and may cause students to become "at risk" toward meeting course requirements and staying "on track" for grade promotion or graduation.
    • Toombs County students are required to participate in the classroom instructional process by attending a minimum of 83 school days per semester. Any student who is in attendance fewer than 83 days in any class but has a passing average in that class will be required to take a comprehensive exit examination that he or she must pass in order to receive credit for that class. In lieu of a traditional numerical grade, the student will be awarded a "Pass" or "Fail" grade on the examination. If a student does not have a passing average, no comprehensive exit examination will be offered. The comprehensive exit examination must be taken within three days after the end of the semester unless some contrary provisions are made for a student in an "Individual Education Plan" or student "504 Plan." SENIORS ARE REMINDED that all requirements for graduation must be completed before their participation in graduation commencement is allowed. Since graduation ceremonies are scheduled immediately after the 90-day semester period, the opportunity to participate in graduation exercises may be lost for a senior who does not satisfy this an all other requirements for graduation.
      *MAKE UP DAYS will be scheduled during breaks so that a child may erase absences that have occurred. The requirement is that he/she come to school and spend five hours (8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.) working with a staff member when all other students are on break. Five days per semester may be exchanged. These will also allow those students who are working on perfect attendance to maintain their status.
    • The Toombs County Board of Education approves of the rationale provided under State Board Policy JBD, Rule 160-5-1-.10; therefore, students are required to meet mandatory school attendance policies and shall be excused for absences from school under the following circumstances:
      • Personal illness or attendance in school endangering a student's health or the health of others.
      • A serious illness or death in a student's immediate family necessitating absence from school.
      • A court order or an order by a government agency, including pre-induction physical examinations for service in the armed forces, mandating absence from school.
      • Celebrating religious holidays, necessitating absence from school.
      • Conditions rendering attendance impossible or hazardous to student health or property.
      • A period not to exceed one day is allowed for registering to vote or voting in a public election.
    • Absences shall not penalize student grades if the following conditions are met:
      • Absences are justified and validated for excusable reasons.
      • Make-up work for excused-absences has been completed satisfactorily.
      • A grade average of 70 or higher has been earned in the course work.
    • Students shall be counted present when they are serving as pages of the Georgia General Assembly or participating in a school sponsored activity. Seniors are allowed one college visit during the school year providing a pre-arranged absence form is completed and approved. Upon return, the student must bring the copy of the pre-arranged form which has been verified by a college official.
    • The parents of students who have three absences, excused or unexcused, will receive a letter requesting a conference to discuss attendance. The names of students who reach four absences, excused or unexcused, will be turned over to the attendance officer. Parents will be notified by letter. House Bill 1190 states that a student's instructional permit or driver's license will be suspended for one full year or until the student reaches the ages of 18 for the following:
      • Student drops out of school without graduation and remains out of school for ten consecutive days
      • Student has ten school days of unexcused absences in a semester
    • Students who are absent from school are required to bring an excuse for their absence to the designated personnel in the foyer area of the school between 7:45-8:00 A.M. on the first day back to school.
    • Absences, which are lawful and therefore excusable, shall be governed in accordance with the rules of the State of Georgia and the rules and regulations of the State Department of Education and local policy. If an absence is not lawful, it is unexcused.
    • All student excuses will be kept in a personal file.
    • The Toombs County Board of Education will provide hospital homebound services as soon as possible following a parent of guardian's notification to a school system official that the student is ill and under a physician's care. In order to qualify, the parent or guardian of the student should:
      • Contact the school principal and notify him of the child's temporary disability
      • Secure the proper forms from the principal or social worker
      • Submit to the principal a declaration of the illness signed by a physician
      • Make sure the declaration has the name and birth date of the student, the grade of the student, the address of the student, and the length of time the student is expected to be unable to attend school
    • After the above procedures have been completed, the principal will recommend the hospital/homebound teacher to the school social worker. This policy does not cover absences due to pregnancy unless there are complications for which the physician would require extended absences from school.


    • A student will have perfect attendance if he/she has not missed any part of any class period during the school year.
    • This special program is sponsored by the Governor of Georgia in the areas of Academic, Fine Arts and Vocational Education. Juniors and sophomores are nominated by the faculty in each area based on the student's high interest and high aptitude in the chosen area. A commitment to participate for the entire summer in the residence program is necessary.
    • Toombs County High School will designate the senior in the college preparatory track with the highest four-year overall average as the valedictorian. The CP senior with the second highest four-year overall average will be designated the salutatorian. In order to be eligible for valedictory or salutatory honors, a student must have been enrolled on campus at Toombs County High School for at least one calendar year. All seniors with a four-year overall average of 89.5 and above will be designated as honor graduates. The cutoff date for determining all honor graduates including valedictorian and salutatorian will be at the end of the fifth six-weeks grading period.
    • The honor rolls will be announced at the end of each nine weeks. To qualify for the Faculty Honor Roll, students must have at least a 90 average in each subject. Students who have at least a 95 average in each subject qualify for the Principal's list. Students who have at least four A's and no grade below 80 qualify for the Honor Roll.
    • A list of seniors eligible to receive the Hope Scholarship will be generated by the Georgia Student Finance Commission. These students will be recognized during the graduation ceremony. A final eligible list including second semester grades will be generated following graduation. The final list may be different from the first semester list. No averages are rounded.
    • The STAR program was created to focus attention on Georgia's outstanding students and the teachers who have been most instrumental in their academic development. STAR student nominees must satisfy all of the following:
      • Be a legally enrolled senior in an accredited Georgia public or private high school. Seniors who are jointly enrolled in high school and college are eligible for STAR honors if all other requirements are met. College and high school grades are averaged to determine class rank.
      • Take the College Board Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) on any national testing date at any grade level; however, the November test date of the senior year is the last acceptable score.
      • Score highest on one test date (scores may not be combined from two test dates) on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) among qualified seniors in the school. Nominees' SAT scores must be equal to or higher than the latest available national high school average on both verbal and math sections.
      • Be in the top 10 percent or be among the top 10 students numerically, whichever category provides the largest number of eligible students in the school. A student must meet the "top 10" requirement based on cumulative high school grade average (9 through 11) numerically computer by using the system normally utilized by the school. Calculation should be on cumulative grades through the junior year.
    • In addition to the rules stated above, in order to be eligible for STAR student consideration, the student must have been enrolled in classes on the Toombs County High School campus for a minimum of one calendar year.


  1. TOPS
    • Button-up, turtleneck, or t-shirt style shirts of solid color may be worn.
    • No sleeveless tops are allowed.
    • All Toombs County School System spirit shirts will be allowed in any school if the shirts are approved by a Toombs County school council or previously approved by the Board. School councils will have the responsibility of notifying the Toombs County School System school superintendent and all member schools when a particular type of spirit shirt is approved.
    • All shirts must be tucked in and stay tucked in at all times on our campus, before and after school, as well as on the bus. this applies to both genders. All shirts must be long enough to stay tucked in when bending, stretching, or seated.
    • Sheer fabric outer wear will not be allowed.
    • Layering of shirts to avoid tucking in an outer layer will not be allowed.
    • No FLUFFING of shirts over the waist to cover belt or waist of pants will be allowed; an upper arc of the pant seam must be visible.
    • Blouses must have sleeves, a high neckline, and be long enough at the waist to remain tucked when a person is seated.
    • Traditional solid color pants, pleated slacks, jeans, dresses, overalls, or jumpers may be worn in any color. Pants with belt loops must have a belt inserted through the belt loops and fastened snugly enough to keep the pants well above the hips.
    • Solid color capri pants are acceptable.
    • All pants and jeans for men should be full length. Traditional dress for men and women is expected.
    • No shorts are allowed for students in grades 6-12 except as an approved wear in physical education classes. Shorts will not be permitted outside the physical education or sports setting. Specifically, shorts can be worn only on the court, on the playing field, or in the locker room. Allowable shorts (6-12) must be knee length. No writing other than school logo will be allowed on any school apparel. Field day participants will be allowed to wear shorts only if they are active participants in the field day at the site of the events.
    • These will not be permitted unless participants are wearing them while engaged in school sporting events.
    • Headgear of any type is unacceptable.
  5. SHOES
    • Flip flops of any kind are not acceptable.
    • All shoes worn must be secured at the toe and heel with shoelaces tied, buckles secured, or Velcro fastened.
    • Bedroom shoes of any kind are not acceptable or any shoes of extended length (clown shoes) or height (not to exceed 2 inches).
    • Chains hanging from pockets, dog collar-like necklaces, spiked collars, bracelets, studded anklets or belts are not permitted.
    • Belts must be flat with no logo or symbolic message on the buckle or belt.
    • Only studs or conventional earrings may be worn in the ear. The number of earrings must not exceed 4 per ear. No other accessories will be allowed for body piercings.
    • All permanent tattoos must be covered unless etched on the hands or face. Temporary tattoos or other types of body painting (except moderate amounts of makeup and lipstick) are not allowed.
  7. HAIR
    • Hair must be free of curlers, picks or combs at all times.
    • Hair must be of a natural human color.
    • Hair should be kept neat and combed and should not draw excessive attention to individuals.
    • Trench coats are not permitted.
    • Vests, sweatshirts, and sweaters are permissible in solid colors, stripes and color blocks. NO WRITING.
    • All other clothing must be worn over tucked tops as noted above.
    • V-neck sweaters and V-neck sweatshirts must be worn with an undershirt as noted in the listing of TOPS above.
    • Jackets may not be worn to cover inappropriate clothing.
    • No writing other than school logo will be allowed on any school apparel.
    • All clothing must be appropriately sized.
    • All clothing must have appropriate hems and no inappropriate holes.
    • All clothing must have all buttons buttoned and all fasteners fastened.
    • All garments should cover the body in an appropriate manner.
    • No objects should be attached to clothing unless sponsored by the school (spirit ribbons, pins, patches, etc.).
    • No "top" or "bottom" should be the same color, except in the case of a matching pant set or suit.
    • Clothing, jackets, jewelry and accessories may not advertise anything associated with alcohol, tobacco, guns, violence, drugs, or gang-related activity, sexual connotations or any item that creates a hostile and disruptive environment.
    • Slits in skirts, dresses and jumpers must not continue above the knee.
    • Cosmetics may be worn in a manner as to not draw excessive attention to the person.
    • Proper undergarments must be worn at all times.
    • Spirit days will be determined by the school administrator and will be advertised through a written announcement at least one week in advance. The written announcement should be given to all school system employees and to students (who should notify their parents).
    • Students must realize that all time spent out of class for any school violation is considered unexcused. Violations of the dress code will not be allowed. Offenders will be given a verbal warning by school personnel if the student simply needs to make an adjustment in the manner in which the clothing is worn; for example, "buckle your belt," or "tuck in your shirt." If the same school system personnel sees a subsequent violation by the same student, a written referral should be made to the school administrator. If school personnel observe a violation of the dress code that cannot be immediately corrected and a warning given, then a referral should immediately be written and sent to a school administrator.
      The administrator will search she student's discipline file for prior referrals and make a decision for punishment based on a progressive discipline plan concerning dress code.
    • 1st Offense - Verbal Warning
    • 2nd and additional Offenses - 1 Day of In School Suspension (ISS)
    • NOTE: Students will not be allowed to return to class until they are in dress code. If the student cannot get in dress code, he/she will be placed in ISS for the day.


    • The Toombs County Board of Education recognizes the right of all children who reside in the Toombs County School District to attend its public schools. However, with that right comes the responsibility to maximize one's own learning opportunities without jeopardizing or interfering with fellow classmates' right to learn. The board wishes to acknowledge and consent to a student code of conduct as recommended by the state school superintendent at the request of the Georgia General Assembly in HB 567 and SB 92 which notes that students shall:
      • Respect constituted authority, including teachers, administrators, bus drivers, and other school employees.
      • This shall include compliance with school rules and regulations and applicable provisions of law;
      • Attend school daily, except when excused, and be on time to all classes and other school-day functions;
      • Pursue and attempt to complete the course of study prescribed by the state and local school authorities;
      • Protect and take care of the school's property and the property of others;
      • Dress and groom to meet the fair standards of health and common standards of decency;
      • Avoid the use of indecent or obscene language, both written and oral; and
      • Avoid conduct that will demean or slander others.
    • With full sanction by the Georgia General Assembly, the Governor, the State School Board, the State School Superintendent, the Toombs County Board of Education, and the Toombs County School Superintendent, the principal and faculty of each school will enforce rules and regulations that are necessary for the efficient operation of the school, the health and general welfare of each student as outlined in the school's and school system's policy and procedures handbooks.
    • Parents have the primary responsibility for the proper conduct of their children. Violation of school policy by students shall jeopardize their right to attend Toombs County Schools.
    • Discipline in the classroom is the responsibility of each teacher. Discipline in the building, halls, and playground is the responsibility of every teacher. Students causing discipline problems on the school buses are subject to the same or similar corrective measures as those who misbehave on the school campus. Progressive discipline procedures are utilized on the buses ranging from warning for minor infractions given by the bus drivers to permanent suspension from the bus for major infractions given by the school system administrators and/or the Toombs County School System Tribunal.
    • STUDENTS are the major contributors to the educational process. Students put forth their best efforts during the process when they:
      • Accept responsibility for their actions and education while abiding by established school rules, regulations, and laws of the community, state and nation;
      • Come to school with a positive attitude in order to maximize opportunities for academic and personal growth;
      • Model positive behavior and language which reflect cooperation with all members of the school community; and
      • Come to school prepared to learn, bringing only those items and materials which are appropriate for the educational program.
    • SCHOOL SYSTEM PERSONNEL provide a safe and supportive environment to learning based on high standards of conduct and performance when they:
      • Consider issues related to school safety when engaging in school improvement planning process;
      • Participate in the assessment and provisions of a safe learning environment, including school security, school climate, and disciplinary interventions;
      • Stay informed and remain alert to ensure that the school and system emergency preparedness plans are activated when a crisis develops;
      • Establish in conjunction with school improvement teams procedures for interacting with the media to promote
      • Help in developing a curriculum that meets the education needs of all students.
    • All student misconduct at school, on the bus or at school-sponsored activities will be dealt with in accordance as prescribed by THE UNIFORM CODE OF STUDENT CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINE from the Toombs County School System. The following disciplinary options are available at the administrator's discretion. The administrator reserves the right to alter these rules if necessary.
    • Three-Two Preference - The 3-2 Preference is a choice that the student may make concerning his or her punishment for minor offenses as determined by the administration. The student may choose one of the following 3-2 Preferences:
      1. 3 licks (corporal punishment)
        Toombs County High School enforces corporal punishment as a means of discipline. The parent, however; reserves the right to request that his/her child not receive a paddling.
      2. 2 days after school detention until 4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • In option B, students who choose after school detention will be expected to attend on Tuesday and Thursday of a week. If a student has an unexcused absence from this detention, the student will automatically be assigned three days ISS.
    • Academic After-School Detention (AASD) - Academic After-School Detention is an option which allows the student to make up missed or poorly done work. Once the student is assigned AASD by the teacher, he/she remains in detention until the assignment is completed. AASD is until 5:00 on Mondays through Thursdays. It is the responsibility of the student to find transportation home. If the student does not attend AASD, he/she may be placed in ISS or held in during advisement/break to complete the work.
    • Suspension of Parking Permits - Students who park on campus may be denied that privilege for one week up to one semester for various infractions, including tardiness to school or class and failing multiple classes during a semester. It will cost the student a $10 fine to get the parking permit reinstated regardless of the time or reason for which it is suspended.
    • In-School Suspension (ISS) - In-School Suspension takes the student out of the regular education program and places him/her in an alternate setting. The student is allowed to do the work assigned by the teachers and get full credit for it.
    • Out-of-School Suspension (OSS) - Out of School Suspension takes the student out of the school setting. The student is not allowed to make up missed work for credit and receives the grade of zero for all graded assignments/activities/tests. Students who receive OSS are not allowed to attend the Toombs County High School Prom.
    • Alternative School - The Toombs County Board of Education has contracted with the Ombudsman program for students who require alternative placement. Students in the Ombudsman program are not allowed to participate in or attend any school functions.
    • Expulsion - A student may be referred to a Disciplinary Tribunal for permanent expulsion from school.
    • Chronically dangerous and disruptive students may be removed from the learning environment by any teacher who feels that these students are interfering with the teacher's ability to instruct and communicate with other students. A placement review committee (PRC) will be assembled to decide on suitable placement of such students. Placement options will include placement in the Alternative School, In-School Suspension, or Out-of-School Suspension. Dependent upon the severity of the offense, the student could possibly be sent back to the teacher after counseling if an agreement can be reached between the teacher and the PRC. The PRC will be composed of selected classroom teachers and the school administration.



Gang activity is prohibited on all campuses in the Toombs County School System and will not by tolerated in any form including symbols, clothing, actions, or graffiti.


Special consideration will be given to those not responsible for initiating a fight or altercation. Offenses involve extreme violence, threats or actions that do bodily gar to another, using any object that could be considered a deadly weapon, fighting, threatening or intimidating another student with violence, threatening or making physical contact or causing harm to another.


According to Code Section 20-2-751.4 of the Georgia School Laws, bullying is defined as "any willful attempt or threat to inflict injury on another person, when accompanied by an apparent present ability to do so; or any intentional display of force such as would give the person reason to fear or to expect immediate bodily harm."


Sexual harassment or sexual misconduct in any form will not be tolerated in the Toombs County School System. Anyone found guilty of such conduct will be dealt with appropriately by the school administration. Types of conduct that constitute Student to Student Sexual Harassment are the following:

  1. Conveying rumors or engaging in innuendo about a student's sexual activity;
  2. Calling students names of a sexual nature;
  3. Obscene gestures, including students grabbing their own genitals and/or rubbing themselves in a sexually suggestive manner;
  4. Sexual molestation;
  5. Use of sexually explicit language;
  6. "Mooing" at a student with the express intent to refer to bust size;
  7. Creating graffiti on school property which uses explicit sexual language to describe and degrade others;
  8. Unwelcome touching, pinching, or restraining of others;
  9. Exposing private parts to others;
  10. Flipping up skirts or snapping bras;
  11. Threatening sexual activity;
  12. Students subjecting other students to continual teasing or lewd remarks about their anatomy;
  13. Offering a student money to perform sex acts or other propositions of a sexual nature;
  14. Off-color jokes;
  15. Sexually harassing drawings and other "art" work; and
  16. Simulating sex acts.

Parents will be notified and incidents reported to the Superintendent.


Acts which cause disruption of learning opportunities and/or threaten the safety of others. School disturbances include sit-downs, walk-outs, riots, picketing, trespassing, inciting disturbance, threats or actual violence during periods of disruption, failing to give identity and blocking entrances and exits.



  • First Offense - ISS or OSS up to five days
  • Second Offense - Up to 10 days OSS
  • Third Offense - 10 days OSS and referral to the Toombs County Disciplinary Tribunal with a recommendation of placement in the alternative school, or long term (remainder of the semester or year) suspension.
  • Depending on the severity of the case, offenders may be arrested and prosecuted beginning with the first offense. Options for punishment will include arrest and prosecution, placement in the Toombs County Alternative School, long term suspension, and expulsion.


Students cannot supply, possess, handle, use or transmit dangerous weapons on school property, on the way to or from school, or at any school function or activity. Weapon will be confiscated and returned only to parent or guardian.
Any student found to be in possession of a firearm on school property shall be suspended from school for a minimum of one calendar year and will be turned over to the local police. Future attendance will be decided upon by the disciplinary tribunal or the Toombs County Board of Education.
Any student caught with a knife, mace, or similar weapon in his or her possession will be suspended from school for three days. Any student caught with a knife in his possession with the blade out and with the intent to do bodily harm to another will be suspended from school with possible expulsion and with possible criminal charges.



  • Immediate suspension (out of school 10 days) and arrest by police.
  • Recommendation for expulsion for the remainder of the year to the Toombs County Disciplinary Tribunal.


The improper use of legal and/or the use of illicit drugs will not be tolerated.


(Board of Education Policy)
A student shall not possess, sell, use, transmit or be under the influence of any narcotic drug, hallucinogenic drug, amphetamine, barbiturate, marijuana, alcoholic beverage or intoxicant of any kind.

  1. On the school grounds and immediately before or immediately following school hours.
  2. On the school grounds or at any other time when the school is being used by any school group.
  3. Off the school grounds at a school function, activity or event.
  4. En route to and from school.

All substantiated cases involving illicit drugs shall be reported to the proper legal authority and referred to the Board of Education with a recommendation for long-term suspension in accordance with the policy as follows:

  • First Offense- OSS for 10 days or more depending on the severity of the offense - Board action will be required for more then 10 days - and possible referral to Alternative School.
  • Second Offense- expulsion from school for the remainder of existing semester with total loss of credit for that semester.

All cases of persons selling drugs or intoxicants listed above shall be referred to the Board of Education with the recommendation for long-term suspension (expulsion) of placement in the Toombs County Alternative School.

RULE 9-B - Medical Prescriptions

Use of a drug properly authorized by a medical prescription from a registered physician, accompanied by a note signed by school officials granting permission to take the medication, shall not be a violation of this rule. All medication and over the counter must be turned in to the school office upon arrival at school for dispensing.

For improper use of prescription and over-the-counter drugs:

  • First Offense - Three days ISS and parent conference
  • Second Offense - Five days ISS and parent conference before returning to school

Any student found guilty of violating Rule 9 shall lose the privilege of parking on campus for the remainder of the time he or she attends Toombs County High School.


Use of profane, vulgar, or obscene words, gestures or actions on school grounds or at school events will not be tolerated.



  • First Offense - 5 days ISS
  • Second Offense - 10 days OSS and referral to disciplinary tribunal.
  • Third Offense - Recommendation for expulsion



  • First Offense - 3 days ISS or corporal punishment of three licks
  • Second Offense - 5 days ISS
  • Third Offense - 3 days OSS



  • First Offense - 3 days ISS
  • Second Offense - 3 days OSS


Any student caught activating a fire extinguisher or fire alarm will be turned over to the police and fined no less than fifty dollars($50).


  • First Offense - 5 days ISS
  • Second Offense - 10 days OSS with referral to Disciplinary Tribunal.


Any student found guilty of property offense will have to pay full restitution for all damages and may be arrested and prosecuted. Property offenses may also result in referral to the Board of Education for possible long-term suspension.


Willful and malicious destruction of and/or threat to destroy any school property includes such actions as the use or threat of bombs, explosives including fire crackers, setting fires, smoke bombs, "stink bombs", and the deliberate and serious destruction of school property.


  • Penalty at discretion of principal depending on circumstances, including suspension up to 10 days.


Willful and malicious destruction, theft or vandalism of any public property and property belonging to school personnel.


  • ISS or OSS (up to 10 days)


Willful and malicious destruction of the surveillance equipment(bubbles and cameras) will result in severe disciplinary action. NOTE: Any attempt to hit or pretend to hit the bubbles will carry severe consequences.


  • First Offense - 5 days ISS
  • Second Offense - 5 days OSS



  • First Offense - 5 days ISS and referral to the school resource officer
  • Second Offense - 10 days OSS with recommendation of expulsion for the remainder of semester.
  • Possible arrest and prosecution.

RULE 14 - TOBACCO (Board of Education Policy)

Students are not to use tobacco in any way or be in possession of tobacco on school property during the school day (school trip or activities).


  • First Offense - 3 days ISS with parent conference
  • Second Offense - 5 days ISS
  • Third Offense - 7 days ISS
  • Fourth Offense - Up to ten days suspension with referral to Discipline Tribunal



  • First Offense - 3 days ISS or 3 licks (corporal punishment) and loss of parking permit for ten days.
  • Second Offense - 5 days ISS and loss of parking permit for the remainder of the semester.
  • Third Offense - Up to ten days suspension with referral to Discipline Tribunal


Shouting or in any way raising the voice in anger at another student or students; causing another student to be abused; encouraging students to fight.


  • First Offense - 3 days ISS
  • Second Offense - 5 days ISS
  • Third Offense - 3 days OSS
  • Fourth Offense - Up to ten days suspension with recommendation to alternative school



  • First Offense - Penalty at the discretion of the teacher with administrator approval (may also include parent notification)
  • Second Offense - Automatic zero, three days ISS or corporal punishment of three licks and parent notification
  • Third Offense - Automatic zero, five days ISS, and mandatory parent conference at school.


Any objects capable of emitting laser beams will not be permitted on campus.


Includes being in another teacher's classroom without prior permission from the teacher to whom the student is assigned.



No student shall have food, drinks or chewing gum in the halls or classrooms at any time unless approved by the administration. No food or drinks may be taken from the lunchroom except by seniors who eat in the garden. CHEWING GUM IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED ON CAMPUS AT ALL TIMES




Unless accompanied by a teacher, students must have a hall pass in the agenda whenever they leave class during the class period. There are NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. THIS IS A STUDENT AND TEACHER RESPONSIBILITY.


Students will remain in the lunchroom or in designated areas on campus. Students will not enter halls or congregate near where classes are being held. STUDENTS ARE NOT TO GO INTO THE GYM DRESSING ROOMS or be caught loitering in the halls or restrooms during this time period.


Any student who misses one or more classes without a legal excuse will be considered truant. A student who fails to "check out" using the proper procedure will be considered truant.


Forgery of teacher notes, office notes, taking teacher or office notes and note pads; changing grades on or creating a report card.



  • First Offense - 3-2 preference
  • Second Offense - 1 day ISS or 2 licks (corporal punishment)
  • Third Offense - 2 days ISS or 3 licks (corporal punishment)
  • Fourth Offense - 3 days ISS
  • Fifth - Ninth Offense - 5 days ISS
  • Tenth Offense - 10 days OSS and referral to the Disciplinary Tribunal


Students may not bring MP3 players, radios, tape players, recorders, electronic games, etc. on campus at any time unless approved by the administration. If these items are brought on campus, they may be confiscated and returned to parents at the end of the semester


Students may not have cell phones on their person or in their possession during school hours. Cell phones must be left in cars or in lockers. Students who ride the bus or are dropped off by parents must place phones in lockers immediately upon entering the building prior to going to breakfast. Cell phones seen or heard on campus will be confiscated and returned to the parents at the end of the semester.

  • First Offense - One day ISS or two licks
  • Second Offense - Two days ISS or three licks



Students' parking lot may be used only by students who have registered their cars and have a parking permit on their car. These may be obtained by filling out an application card furnished by the school. The cost of the permit is $5.00 and proof of liability insurance and driver's license must be provided.
The following will govern the use of the parking lot:

  1. Cars locked the entire day for your protection.
  2. No one in cars or PARKING LOT at any time except by special permission. Your car cannot be used as a school locker. You will not be allowed to return to your car during the day. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Traffic regulations must be observed at all times when entering and leaving the parking lot. School speed limit is 10 M.P.H.
  4. All cars without permits may be towed away at the owner's expense.
  5. Cars that are restricted from Toombs County High School property are restricted on an indefinite basis. Only the principal can allow said cars to return to school property.
  6. Students are to park in designated areas only. The first row is reserved for visitors, system personnel and senior class officers.
  7. Seniors park on the first four rows; juniors park on the back three rows; sophomores and freshmen park in the side lot. Parking in the wrong area may result in loss of parking permits.
  8. When students arrive at school and park their cars, they have to leave the parking area immediately. No loitering in cars.
  9. All early-release students will leave as soon as possible.
  11. After five(5) tardies to school, the student may lose his school parking permit and will no longer have the privilege of operating a motor vehicle within the limits of the posted "Drug-Free Zones" signs which are posted 1000 feet from the outside edge of the Toombs County School Board's property. With the cooperation of the Lyons Police Department and the Georgia State Patrol, any unauthorized vehicle parked within the limits of the "Drug-Free Zone" will be towed away at the owner's expense. Following a nine week period in which no unexcused tardies have been reported, a student may regain the privilege of operating a motor vehicle within the "Drug-Free Zone."
  12. Loss of parking privileges on campus for a specified number of days may be assigned by the administration for misbehavior. You will be told when and if your parking privileges will be reinstated.
  13. Any student caught parking or allowing someone else to use his/her parking permit while under parking suspension will lose parking privileges for the remainder of his/her stay in high school. PERMITS SHOULD BE TURNED IN TO AN ADMINISTRATOR UPON SUSPENSION AND WILL BE RETURNED ON THE DAY OF REINSTATEMENT.
  14. No loud music, no leaving after arriving on campus, and no skipping.
  15. Parking on campus authorizes school officials and law enforcement officials to search the car with or without the students' or parents' permission.


  • According to state law, no individual under the age of 18 can obtain a driver's license or instructional permit unless he or she is attending a public school, a private school or is enrolled in home schooling authorized by law or has graduated from high school, received a GED, or received a certificate of high school completion; or has completed his or her secondary education and is enrolled in a post-secondary school. If a student under 18 drops out of school without graduating and has remained out of school for 10 consecutive days, or has more than 10 consecutive school days of unexcused absences in any semester of combination of two consecutive quarters, notice will be given by the school to the Department of Public Safety. The student's driver's license will then be suspended until he or she returns to school. The license will not be suspended if the student has obtained and delivered to the school written permission from the student's parent or guardian authorizing the student to drop out of school. A students driver's license will be suspended for 90 days if the student is suspended from school for any one of the following offenses:
    • Threatening, striking or causing bodily harm to a teacher or other school personnel.
    • Possession or sale of drugs or alcohol on school grounds.
    • Possession or use of a weapon on school grounds. (The term weapon does not include any part of an archaeological or cultural exhibit brought to school in connection with a school project).
  • A student can obtain a temporary driving permit from the Department of Public Safety to drive to and from work with a suspended license, if he or she has demonstrated the need for the permit. The permit would be granted only if the driver's license has been suspended for a school-related infraction or for dropping out of school. No temporary permit would be granted for a DUI offense.


Any student violating or attempting to violate a law of the State of Georgia and/or the United States of America while on the campus of Toombs County High School or at any school function or event shall be subject to disciplinary action and possible arrest and prosecution.


  1. School Board regulations prohibit students from leaving campus during the lunch period. Students are prohibited from entering the parking lot during their lunch period.
  2. No food, drinks or straws may be taken from the lunchroom except by seniors who eat in the Senior Garden.
  3. All students are required to eat in the lunchroom whether they bring their lunches or purchase them.
  4. Good behavior and cleanliness are expected.
  5. Students are not to run to lunch or break in the lunch line.
  6. Students are expected to return trays an utensils to service area (no trays or trash should be left on tables).
  7. Loud talking an loud laughing will not be tolerated in the lunchroom.


ALL STUDENTS WHO ARRIVE AFTER FIRST PERIOD HAS BEGUN ARE REQUIRED TO SIGN-IN AT THE OFFICE AND RECEIVE AND ADMISSION SLIP. This slip must be given to the teacher before the student is allowed to enter class.


A bona fide request, in writing, stating the reason(s) for early dismissal must be made by a parent, signed by parent or guardian and submitted to the office before or during homeroom. A telephone number where parent or guardian can be reached for verification must be on the note. The student will present the note, if valid and approved, for signing by teachers whose classes will be missed. The pupil must then return to the office and sign out in the presence of office personnel.

If a student has a doctor's appointment, the doctor's office phone number must be written on the note so that the appointment can be verified. Whether the office is in or out of Toombs County, the appointment will be verified before the student will be allowed to leave school. NOTE: IF ALL ATTEMPTS TO VERIFY THE NOTE FAIL, EARLY DISMISSAL WILL BE DENIED!


Each student will pay a $5.00 rental fee before he/she is issued a locker (non-refundable). Lockers will be rented the first week of school starting with seniors, then juniors, sophomores and freshmen.
Sharing a locker with another student will not be allowed under any circumstances.


Regular Routes, Field Trips, and Athletic/Band Trips

  1. Students shall be prohibited from acts of physical violence, bullying, physical assault, battery or verbal assault of other persons on the school bus, disrespectful conduct toward the school bus driver or other persons on the school bus and other unruly behavior.
  2. Students will ride on assigned buses. Parents must request in writing any exceptions to this rule along with the nature of the emergency and a phone number where they may be contacted. The administrator of the student's school must sign the request and a copy will be given to the driver. Parents will assume responsibility for the student when a request is made.
  3. No pets or live animals are allowed on the bus.
  4. Students must be at the stop at the designated time and be ready to board with the least possible delay (5 minutes before the bus arrives).
  5. Students are expected to sit three to a seat unless otherwise directed by the driver and to occupy the seat to which they are assigned. Students must be in an upright position.
  6. For safety purposes, noise level should remain low enough not to distract the driver. Students must remain completely quiet at railroad crossings.
  7. Students must not use or possess tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or weapons.
  8. Students must not use obscene language or gestures.
  9. Willful damage or destruction of any part of the bus is definitely prohibited. Any such damage must be paid for by the student or parent.
  10. Students must not eat or drink on the bus (including cough drops and chewing gum), or throw objects inside the bus or out of the bus window.
  11. Students must not extend arms, head, or other parts of the body out the windows.
  12. Students will be permitted to carry only books and school related items which can be held in the student's lap. Large band instruments will be placed as designated by the driver.
  13. Items for sale for school projects may be transported as long as they can be contained in the student's lap. Such items will not be sold on the bus.
  14. The driver may elect certain students for special training to be used in the event of any emergency. No student will be used as a bus monitor.
  15. Drivers will use provided conduct forms to report misconduct on the bus directly to the assistant principal/principal of the student's school. The principal or assistant principal will give the driver a copy of the action taken, and parents will receive a copy of the report.
  16. Hats or head wear must be removed upon boarding the bus. School dress code policies apply to all student bus riders.
  17. Students must not pass or possess notes or have objects (including pencils, hair brushes, aerosol cans, perfume, etc.) in sight once they enter the bus that might interfere with the school bus operation.
  18. Students shall be prohibited from using mirrors, lasers, flash cameras, or any other lights or reflective devices in a manner that might interfere with the operation of the school bus.
  19. Students must have all electronic devices and cell phones turned off and out of sight so that they do not interfere with the operation of the school bus.

All students must adhere to school dress code policies.

Minor offenses will be handled by the bus driver. Minor offense report will be given to students to take home. It should be signed by the parent and returned to the driver. The third minor offense becomes a major offense.

Major offenses will be handled by school administrators.

  • First referral - 3 days bus suspension or a paddling may be substituted only once for chronic disobedience (not for fighting or possession of a weapon, or assault on an employee).
  • Second referral - 5 day suspension from all buses.
  • Third referral - 7 day suspension from all buses. Parent conference must be held to make a behavioral modification plan.
  • Fourth referral - 10 day suspension from all buses.
  • Fifth referral - 15 day suspension from all buses.
  • Subsequent referrals may be referred to a tribunal at the administrator's discretion


A student shall not possess, sell, use, transmit, or be under the influence of ANY drugs, prescription drugs, narcotic drug, counterfeit drug, hallucinogenic drug, amphetamine, barbiturate, marijuana, depressants, stimulants, alcoholic beverage or intoxicant of any kind:

  • On the school grounds and immediately before or immediately following school hours;
  • On the school grounds at any other time when the school is being used by any school group;
  • Off the school grounds at a school function, activity, or event; and
  • En-route to and from school

Use of a drug properly authorized by a medical prescription from a registered physician, accompanied by a note signed by legal guardians granting permission to take the medications, shall not be a violation of this policy. However, the Toombs County Board of Education recognizes the danger of the improper use of prescription or over-the-counter drugs, and authorizes principals to take disciplinary action against such abuses should they arise.


The school principal or his authorized representative may institute a search if there are reasonable grounds to believe that the search will reveal evidence that the student is in violation of the law or the rules of the school. Searches based on reasonable grounds may proceed without hindrance or delay, but shall be conducted in a manner that is not excessively intrusive in light of the age and sex of the student. In the event that the search of a student's person, or his personal possessions, locker, or vehicle reveals the student is concealing substance prohibited by federal, state, or local law, school officials should notify local law enforcement authorities so that they may take appropriate action. The search will be made in the presence of at least one witness except in emergency situations.

The Toombs County School System reserves the right to use walk-through and hand-held metal detectors and drug-sniffing dogs at any school function, including activities which occur outside normal school hours of off the school campus. Students and school employees or school visitors are hereby notified that metal detectors and drug-sniffing dogs will be used at the discretion of school administrators and/or law enforcement personnel to make school physical facilities as safe as possible.. DELEGATED SEARCH OFFICIALS ARE AS FOLLOWS:

  • Principal and assistant principals during both regular school hours and/or any function under school jurisdiction.
  • Certified school personnel who have the responsibility for students who are required to be away from school before, during, or after school hours.


If a student is SUSPECTED of possessing/using drugs or alcohol, school staff should follow these steps:
Report the information to the school principal or his designated representative.

  • Notify student's parents or guardian and ask them to come to school
  • Confer with student and parents
  • Inform parents of community resources offering treatment or other assistance for drug/alcohol related problems.


You may expect school officials to conduct regular searches of school lockers, desks, or any other school property, individual students, student book bags/pocket books, student cars, and all other cars parked on school property shall be subject to inspection and search by school authorities at all times without further notice to students or parents. Such searches may be conducted using drug-sniffing dogs or hand-held metal detectors. Individual student searches shall not be overly intrusive unless there is reasonable suspicion that the student is carrying a weapon.


    Announcements to be made over the intercom should be submitted by teachers, not students. Students should work through their club or activity sponsor to have announcements made. Any poster or sign should be approved by a principal or assistant principal before being posted anywhere on the school campus.
    It is imperative that the conduct of the students be orderly and above reproach.
    A student should report a change of address or phone number to the office of the registrar.
    Students are allowed to order rings at the end of their sophomore year.
    Students WILL NOT be sent on errands that take them off the school campus without permission from the principal/assistant principal and parents.
    Fire drills are required by state law. When the fire alarm sounds, all occupants of the various wings will immediately evacuate the buildings. Be calm; go orderly and quickly from the building as specified by regulations posted in the classrooms. Tornado drills are required by state law. Various types of tornado alerts may be issued as noted below (915 Tone).
    Provided all systems are working, an announcement through the public address system will be made to indicate that a tornado watch is in effect. If the tornado watch is upgraded to a tornado warning, then a continuous monotone alert will be sounded over the emergency warning system for sixty seconds. In the event that a tornado warning has been given, students are to leave the room with the teacher and assume a protective position (curl up and cover head) in the hallway.
    DO NOT MOVE until the all clear signal is given by a school administrator.
    In the event that electrical warning systems are inoperable, a member of the office staff will alert individual classes of a tornado warning only. Following this alert, students and teachers should follow the procedures as indicated above.
    There will be a minimum of 10 fire drills and 4 tornado drills during the school year as required by state law.
    All fund raising activities must be approved by both the principal and the Superintendent on behalf of the Toombs County Board of Education.
    A graduation ceremony is held at the end of the school year. All five areas of the Georgia High School Graduation Test must be passes of a waiver of variance granted before a student can be eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies at Toombs County High School. Students who complete requirements for graduation at the end of the first semester will receive their diplomas at May graduation but may request a letter from the principal stating that they have met all requirements for graduation. Students earning diplomas may participate in the ceremony by adhering to the following.
    • Requesting a calendar of graduation-related events from the graduation coordinator.
    • Complying with all instructions such as attending practice; making advance payments; ordering cap and gown; returning all school-owned materials such as textbooks and uniforms; taking care of all fines levied against them during their high school career and meeting other senior responsibilities. Non-compliance voids all of the rights and privileges of the student.
    • Completing an approved program of study but the date of graduation.
    • Being free from rules infraction that warrants suspension on or before graduation
    Ushers shall be the top ten students based on academic standing in the Junior class. Graduation ushers will be chosen at the end of the third nine weeks.
    If you need help with school problems, persona and/or family problems, making plans for the future, or other concerns, persons specially trained to assist you are available. You may go by during free time or request a special appointment by signing your name on the notepads outside the counselors' doors. confidentiality is assured in the guidance office. In addition, a Career center is maintained in the Media Center containing materials relevant to careers and postsecondary options.
    Any student enrolling in a Georgia school for the first time must present a Georgia Health Certificate. This can be obtained from a private physician or the Health Department. All students must present a statement from the Health Department or a doctor indicating that all the immunizations are up to date, or they will not be able to enter school. This includes eye, ear, and dental examination certificates. Georgia School Law, Title 20, Article 16,Part 3, 20-2-770 and 771.
    All lost books which have been found are to be turned into the lost and found box in the library.
    In order to give better service, certain regulation govern the Media Center's operation. These include:
    • Media Center permits are signed by subject teacher
    • Books are checked out for two weeks.
    • Appropriate charges are made for damaged books.
    • Magazines are used only in the Media Center.
    • Books, magazines and Media Center facilities are used by many students. Do not limit their usefulness by marking, tearing, or damaging them in any way.
    • Students causing a disturbance will be suspended from the Media Center for the length of time designated by the administration.
    • Students must abide by all rules of the Acceptable Use Internet Policy.
    • Students using the Media Center must not talk loudly, eat, chew gum, or cause disturbances.
    Only in an extreme emergency can students be reached during school hours. The school phones may not be used by students during class time. The office will take a message if there is an emergency and deliver it to the student as soon as possible. If a student has an emergency (such as illness or accident), the school nurse or office personnel will place a call to the parent/guardian for the student. Flowers/cards for students will not be accepted by the office.
    The Toombs County Board of Education hereby gives notice that it is our policy to disclose directory information to the public. Directory information in this school consists of a student's name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, major field of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received and the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended by the student. Parents of a minor child or an eighteen-year-old student have the right to refuse to permit the designation of any or all of this directory information to be released, but the Superintendent of the Toombs County School System must be notified in writing within two weeks of entering Toombs County Schools.
    The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 requires that school districts receiving federal funding provide student names, addresses, and phone numbers on request to the United States military for recruiting purposes. In addition, schools must allow military recruiters the same access to students as they do institutions of higher education and employers. At the same time, the law requires that schools give students and parents the opportunity to opt-out of this information release. Parents or students 18 or older can choose to withhold their contact information from recruiters. To do so, the parent or 18 year old student should sign the opt-out form sent home in the first day packet of forms.
    Students needing a certificate of attendance can get one in the main office. Students may have transcripts sent to postsecondary institutions at no charge while still enrolled at Toombs County High School. For graduates of the school, the cost is $1 per transcript.
    Our restrooms are open for the convenience of the students. Please do not loiter or socialize in the restrooms. Any student found deliberately littering or abusing the restrooms in any way will be referred to an administrator for disciplinary action.
    School insurance is made available to all students. Parents have the option to accept of reject purchasing the coverage. Students participating in all athletic events are required to have insurance, either school or personal. All students involved in any school club or activity or who are enrolled in shop classes are strongly urged to purchase school insurance.
    The Toombs County School system has adopted a Wellness Policy that impacts both the school lunch program and snacks sold during break. Nutrition guidelines that require the use of products that are high in fiber, low in added fats, sugar and sodium, and served in appropriate portion sizes consistent with USDA standards shall be established for all foods offered by the School Nutrition Program or contracted vendors. Snack vending machines will provide single serving snacks with (recommended) 300 or fewer calories, 6 grams of fat or less, 1 or more grams of fiber and at least 10% of RDA of calcium, iron, vitamin A or Vitamin C, protein, and fiver. Beverage vending machines may offer water, 100% juice, sports and juice drinks, non-carbonated drinks with less than 150 calories per container, and carbonated drinks up to 1/2 of the choices. Parents and students are encouraged to read the entire Wellness Policy for specific details.
    Toombs County High School students may attend summer school and afternoon school on our campus free of charge. If a student does not complete the course he/she has signed up for in summer school or afternoon school, he/she is expected to pay a tuition charge. Students owing for any school textbooks or materials will not be allowed to register for summer school or afternoon school until all obligations have been cleared by the principal.
  22. TITLE IX
    "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving financial assistance." In order to comply with Title IX, the Toombs County Board of Education has appointed Dr. Kendall Brantley to coordinate its Title IX program. Dr. Brantley will be available in reference to any grievance, question, or complaint dealing specifically with Title IX. Normal channels of communication, from student to administrator to Board of Education, are to be completed before the student grievance procedure is utilized.
    Non-resident students (those students that live outside our service area) will be required to pay a tuition fee to attend Toombs County Schools. The tuition must be paid in full before attending classes during any semester and may be paid by the semester, nine-weeks period or the full year. Tuition will be waived for students who maintain an average of 80 or higher and do not violate school rules and regulations.
    Visitors are required to check in at the office. This procedure protects the classroom process from undue interruption and assures visitors of efficient response to their school-related needs. (Georgia School Law 32-9925).
    To withdraw from school, the student and the parent/guardian must come to the Guidance Office to complete the appropriate paperwork. the parent/guardian who enrolled the student is responsible for completing the withdrawal process. The student will be given a withdrawal form to take to each teacher. The student must return all books, clear all fees, and return all equipment. Once the withdrawal process is complete, the form must be turned in to the Guidance Office. A copy of the withdrawal form will be given to the student. If the student is dropping out of school, he/she must return the next day to pick up the form.

Student Responsibilities

    The school is public property financed with tax money. Do not throw trash in the building or on the grounds. Pupils who injure, deface, or destroy the property of the school shall be punished and required to pay for the damage.
    • All students must remain outside before school if weather permits. Any student who must work on a class project must be supervised or have a written note from that teacher.
    • Students may go to their lockers only between classes or with a pass from the teacher.
    • Common courtesy observed in the halls will help to ease the congestion. Keep to the right in all halls. Please do not block the halls to converse with friends.
    Students are responsible for their own personal property. Do not leave purses, watches, billfolds, etc. in places where they may be taken. Thefts from the locker rooms, cafeteria, library, or any classroom should be reported immediately to the teachers or the administration. P.E. lockers should not be shared and combinations to school lockers should not be shared with anyone. Lockers are school property and are subject to searches by school officials.
    Textbooks and library books that are issued to or checked out by a student must be returned to the teacher who issued the book or returned to the library. Any and all books that are not returned must be paid for. Each student is responsible for returning the book that he or she checked out or was issued. Substitute books are not acceptable. Those students who do not return property that belongs to the school or Board of Education must pay for the books, other property, or damages. All financial responsibilities must be cleared by the student each semester. For those students who fail to meet their financial obligations, the following action will be taken. Until payment is made, students will not be able to:
    • Participate in extracurricular activities if all uniforms from the previous term are not turned in.
    • Receive a report card.
    • Receive a locker assignment.
    • Obtain a parking permit.
    • Attend summer school or afternoon classes at Toombs County High School.
    • Participate in graduation exercises (even though otherwise eligible).
    Payment for lost textbooks or library books may conform to the following scale:
    • Lost Books
      • New Condition - Full Price
      • Good Condition - Three-fourths price
      • Fair Condition - One-half price
      • Poor Condition - One-fourth price
    • Damaged Books
      • Paperbacks - One-sixths price
      • Textbooks - One-fourth price


Toombs County Schools strive to provide quality education and highly qualified teachers. In accordance with the new reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, parents may request information regarding teacher qualifications.

To request information from the school regarding teacher qualifications, a parent or guardian must complete the appropriate form obtained from the school office. A school designee will respond to the request.

Parents will be notified if a class is staffed four consecutive weeks with a not "highly qualified" teacher. "Highly qualified" teachers meet the requirements of full certification and have demonstrated competency in each of the subject areas that they teach.


The Toombs County School System currently provides computers with Internet access to provide students and employees with exposure to the vase educational resources available through the Internet and the World Wide Web. As a responsible members of the Toombs county community, it is expected that all users will follow and adhere to the guidelines established below based on common sense and decency, rules established by the schools, rules established by the Toombs County Board of Education, laws established by the State of Georgia, and the United States of America. Strict adherence to the following guidelines will help ensure a positive and productive learning environment for all.

All persons using the Internet in the Toombs County School System will:

  1. Respect other's rights to freedom from harassment and intimidation.
    1. Do not send abusive, threatening, or clearly unwanted messages to others.
    2. Do not intentionally cause others' work to be disrupted by your actions
    3. Do not identify, imply, or infer gang affiliation.
    4. Do not continuously disrupt others while they are using the internet.
    5. Do not use pseudonyms or anonymous sign-ons
    6. Do not disclose personal information, such as name, school, address, and telephone number outside of the school network.
    7. Do clearly and correctly identify yourself in all electronic communications.
  2. Use the Internet for purposes that are legal and generally acceptable for students and employees.
    1. Do not solicit the sale or exchange of any illegal or illicit drugs.
    2. Do not advertise, sell, or purchase any illegal items.
    3. Do not discuss or solicit any illegal actions including the solicitation of an illegal action by another.
    4. Do not access material that is obscene, pornographic, child pornography, and "harmful to minors", or otherwise inappropriate for educational uses.
    5. Do allow students to use electronic mail, chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communications for school-related purposes only with teacher's approval.
    6. Do allow teachers the use electronic mail, chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communications for school-related purposes ONLY, at appropriate times. (Not during instruction.)
    7. Do not use school resources to engage in "hacking" or attempts to otherwise compromise system security.
  3. Respect and adhere to the laws concerning copyright and other intellectual property rights.
    1. Get permission before copying files from another user. Copying files or passwords belonging to another user, without their express permission, may constitute plagiarism or theft.
    2. Never change the files or passwords of others.
    3. Reasonably protect computers and software from viruses, "Trojan Horses", and file damage of all types.
    4. Do appropriately cite resources found on the Internet and used in academic writings.
    5. Never download or install any commercial software, shareware, or freeware onto the local hard drive, network drive or disks, except with written permission from the Network Administrator. This includes toolbars, weather programs, or music programs.
  4. Recognize limitations to the privacy of electronic documents
    1. Always respect others' privacy and expect others to respect your privacy as well.
    2. Understand that electronic communications are similar to pieces of paper in an unsealed envelope, the privacy of which is generally accepted, but able to be breached.
    3. Understand that network managers may need to view the contents of files to diagnose or correct problems.


  1. Toombs County School System uses a technology protection measure that blocks or filters Internet access to some Internet sites that are not in accordance with the policy of Toombs County School System.
  2. The Technology protection measure that blocks or filters Internet access may be disabled by a Toombs County School System technology staff member for research purposes to allow a student to visit a site, with legitimate educational value.
  3. Toombs County School System staff will monitor students' use of the Internet, through either direct supervision, or by monitoring Internet use history, to ensure enforcement of the policy.
  4. These guidelines were put in place by the Superintendent, administrators and/or other appropriate personnel that provide for monitoring the online activities of users within the Toombs County network. The system that filters, blocks, and monitors internet traffics is in place to restrict visual depictions that are (i) obscene, (ii) child pornography, or (iii)harmful to minors, as stated in the Children's Internet Protection Act of 2000.
  5. Even though every effort has been made to protect the school system from unwanted material, the global influence of the Internet make it difficult for all undesirable material to be blocked. Therefore, the Board cannot assure parents or the public that the students and/or staff will be completely blocked from sending or receiving objectionable communications. All staff and students must assume responsibility for their own behavior and communications over the Toombs County network.
  6. The Toombs County Board of Education makes no warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, for the resources it provides over the internet. The Toombs County Board of Education will not be responsible for any damages suffered while using the services, including, but not limited to, loss of data, loss or damage to personal equipment, delays, non-deliveries, service interruptions, or exposure to offensive or threatening material. Computer users are strongly encourages to maintain back-up files of all information that is not easily replaced.
  7. The Toombs County Board of Education specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy obtained through the Internet. Any information obtained through the Internet is a responsibility undertaken by the user, as the Internet is fundamentally unregulated and the information found there has not been verified for accuracy. The Toombs County Board of Education denies any responsibility for the accuracy of the information obtained through its computing resources.


Any violation of school policy and rules may result in loss of school-provided access to the Internet. Additional disciplinary action may be determined in keeping with existing procedures and practices regarding inappropriate language or behavior. When and where applicable, law enforcement agencies may be involved.


It is the policy of this administration that no child shall have to endure or cause another child to endure public school nuisances such as pediculus capitis (head lice). Because this human parasitic insect can cause great annoyance to its host (children and adults) school medical personnel will routinely check students for infestation. If the school health personnel determine that a student is infected, the student's parents or guardians will be contacted and requested to come to the school for a conference and to remove the child from school for treatment and remediation of the condition. (Under Georgia Law, O.C.G.A., 20-2-766.1 "Proceedings against parents for failure to cooperate in educational programs," may be brought by school officials when parents display a deliberate indifference by not attending conferences requested by school officials.) the student will be checked upon returning to school on the following school day. If the condition has not been remediated, the school health professional will repeat the same procedures outlined above until the condition has been remediated. If, after following this process for five concurrent school days, the student's condition has not been remediated by the parent or guardian, a referral will be made to law enforcement for legal proceedings to take place.


The following activities are available at Toombs County High School for student participation. Students are encouraged to be involved in sports and other activities. Parents can choose to withhold permission for their children to participate in school activities. To do so, the parent(s) should send a letter to the principal of the school stating in which activities their child is NOT to participate.

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